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What you need to know about debit cards?

This is one of the simplest, most popular and reliable instruments for financial transactions, replacing inconvenient wallets for storing money. Currently, the number of their holders is growing with each in the afternoon.

Why are they so useful? This is the same cash, but in the form electronic means of payment, and with them we make purchases and we make payment, we receive a scholarship, salary, subsidies, pension and interest on the deposit, as well as we carry out orders and services.

To distinguish it from credit, let's try to compare both.

First, let's look at the definitions. Debet – in the language of an accountant, it can be determined so: I owe, Credit – means: I should. And accordingly, the first plastic has its own money, for the second & ndash; borrowed from credit and financial organizations that are ultimately required to return.

Sometimes it happens that a person can get confused if he holds several different plastic cards, especially when they have visual similarity, but at the same time there are two different accounts and different usage criteria. How to check?

Here are the options:

What are the benefits

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